Good News! Ration card holders will get all these things along with ration on Holi

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Ration card: On the occasion of Holi, 7 kg millet, 14 kg rice and other food items will be distributed to the ration card holders along with ration.

If you are a ration card holder then there is good news for you because a new update has been issued by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath regarding the distribution of ration under the free ration card, for which millet will be distributed free ration to the ration card holders. Along with this, the date for distribution of other materials has also been fixed. For complete information, please read the article till the end.

Free ration distribution date for the month of March fixed

You all know that under the Free Ration Card Scheme, food grains are distributed free of cost by the government to all the ration card holders who are eligible for the scheme. Yogi government made a big statement regarding the ration card distribution date. Has been given in which the date for distribution of ration cards has also been fixed.

The date for distribution of ration cards has been fixed by the Uttar Pradesh government, Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi, which has been fixed from March 15 to March 29, in which all the ration card holders will be given other benefits available under the free ration facility on the ration card. You will get the benefit of all the facilities

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All these things will be available in free ration

All the beneficiaries who are getting the benefit of free ration are getting many benefits under the scheme. Today, the government has come out with many new rules for the crores of beneficiaries of the country who are eligible for free ration. Free ration and free ration to the poor families. treatment facilities can be provided

Now all the holders taking benefits under the ration card scheme will not need to go to the ration card shop with a bag from home to get the ration because in the recent update made by the government it has been said that now the ration distribution “Modi’s Guarantee Bag” will be distributed free of cost to all ration card holders by the shop itself, in which ration card holders will be able to easily keep the ration available at the ration shop and bring it home.

This much ration will be available on ration card

There are two new news for all eligible ration card holders under the ration card scheme, in which 3 kg rice, 1 kg wheat and 1 kg market will be distributed free to every general ration card holder under free ration distribution.

Here, for the Antyodaya card holders, it has been decided by the government that 14 kg rice, 14 kg wheat and 7 kg millet will be distributed free of cost to all the eligible Antyodaya card holders, that is, in total, 35 kg ration will be distributed to the Antyodaya card holders by the government. will be given free of cost by

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