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Moviemad website is a torrent website on which opportunities are given to download many types of movies, web series, TV serials, etc. Most people do not choose any legal option to download the movies, but to download the movie To what extent is it right to use the Moviemad website, and what are its advantages and disadvantages, we will know in detail about it as well as what types of movies are available on the Moviemad website and why it is used. Should not be done, then let’s start and know about Moviemad website

moviemad website


Before giving information about the Moviemad website, we would like to inform you that we do not support any pirated website in any way which provides an opportunity to download or watch movies illegally. We completely oppose it and also strongly condemn it. This article is being written specifically to get information about the website as well as from using this type of website. can be stopped, so that the piracy of films can be stopped

For information, let us tell you that not only in India, but piracy of films is done in many countries, for which different types of websites are available, in which different content is also available, in which Hollywood films, Bollywood films, Telugu films, Tamil films, TV Serials and web series etc are available but using these websites can be harmful for you that’s why you should always be careful with these types of websites let us provide you some special information about Moviemad website

If you visit the Moviemad website, then here you see that the option to download many types of movies released in 2024 is also visible and most of the people use this type of website only to download new movies. Because new movies are often not available on all platforms and they also have to pay for them.

However, people who are aware of this type of website never use Moviemad website to download movies because it can not only harm your smartphone and laptop, but it is also a legal offense. Because it costs a lot to make films and it also wastes a lot of time, due to which if a film’s piracy become, then there is also loss of the actors working in the film and the director-producer etc. It happens that’s why whenever you want to download the movie, do not download the movie with the help of moviemad website.

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Moviemad Detail

Website nameMoviemad
UseDownload & Transfer Movies
Type of MovieBollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood
Movie StatsNew & Old
Website TypeTorrent Website
films CategoriesAction, Thriller, Comedy, Drama
Download FilmFree

Moviemad 2024 Bollywood, Hollywood HD Dubbed Movies Free Download

Moviemad 2024 Bollywood Movie Also provides the option to download, here you get a wide range of Bollywood movies to download, in which you can choose whether you want to download old movies or download new movies according to the category. From where users download their favorite new movie or old movie, but users do not understand that if they download the movie using this type of website, then what is the harm?

What harm can happen to you due to using moviemad movie download, if you do not know this, then let us tell you, first of all you should pay attention that when you visit this website and click on any post If you try to open it, it redirects to another page, due to which you reach a page which can prove to be harmful for you. This page also tries to break the security of the browser many times. do and if they are successful then they can access your personal information password and gallery etc.

moviemad also provides options to do hollywood movies, many types of hollywood movies, hollywood movie 2024 are also available on this website which includes new hollywood movies and old hollywood movies, most of the people are fond of hollywood movies but hollywood movie is so much It is not easily available, as well as when it comes to downloading Hollywood movies in Hindi, most people try to download it by taking the help of a website like Moviemad, but note that this website may seem tempting to you, but it is not for you. can prove to be harmful for your privacy

moviemad provides the option of dubbed movies in which it is seen that many types of newly released movies which are not easily available in Hindi or other language are easily available on this website that is why Most of the users try to download dubbed movies using MovieMad website but if you want to download any Hollywood movie as Hindi dubbed movie then you should always use any legal option.

moviemad provides the option of free movie download, due to which people do not have to pay any kind of charge, that is why websites like moviemade are mostly used, but if you are reading this article, then you understand by now. You must have known how this website can harm you, that’s why we suggest you not to use the moviemad website to download or watch the movie.

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Moviemad Bollywood and Hollywood Movies Download

Moviemad provides the option of downloading Bollywood and Hollywood movies, due to which people do not have to use any other website to download Bollywood movies, similarly, they do not have to use a separate website to download Hollywood movies. That is, overall, Hollywood and Bollywood movies are easily available on the moviemad website, due to which people find it very easy and being free, people prefer to download the movie using this website, due to which they lose important data. and it increases the likelihood of significant damage

For information, let us tell you that when you try to download any movie using this type of pirated movie providing website, then it can also be legally harmful for you because the makers of the movie And the people who have the right to this also take action on this type of website from time to time, due to which it can have an impact on both the promoter and the user, due to which you can also be a partner of legal punishment. so you should try to avoid downloading the movie using MovieMade website

Moviemad telugu movies 2024 free download

Moviemad also gives an opportunity to download telugu movies 2024 free, due to which people who like watching Tamil movies use this website to download Tamil movies and there are many new movies released in 2024 which that are not easily available on the normal website that’s why most of the people also use moviemade website to download new release 2024 telugu movies

However, there are many legal platforms available to download Telugu movies, using which Telugu movies can be downloaded or watched online, so if it is possible to download or watch Telugu movies using legal platforms So you should always use legal platforms to download Telugu movies or watch them online.

Moviemad tamil movies 2024 free download

Tamil movies are also available on the moviemad website, a huge collection of which is available, these include many types of new Tamil movies and old Tamil movies Tamil movies, many such Tamil movies have been released in 2024 which are in Hindi language. is also dubbed many people use this website to download tamil dubbed movie or even to download 2024 tamil movie which is a wrong decision you ever have to download tamil or telugu movies or hindi dubbed telugu Moviemad website should not be used to download movies.

There are many such Telugu movies in 2024 that have been leaked by this website, whose quality is very good and it has also been dubbed in different languages, due to which users use this website to download Telugu movies. If you want to watch Telugu movies then you should try to watch Telugu movies using proper legal platform because currently many OTT platforms give chance to watch complete collection of Telugu and Tamil movies.

Moviemade website video quality

Talking about the video quality of the content available on the Moviemad website, it is quite good, which ranges from low quality to high quality and is also available in Ultra HD, including 240p movies, 360p movies, 480p movies, 720p movies, 1080p movies, HD, UHD, DVD Rip, 4K. Including quality like 8k and mkv, But even after this, you should not use this website to download movies by looking at their quality.

Moviemad 720p, 1080p, HD Movies Download

We have already told above about the available content and their video quality about the Moviemad website, but despite this, let us tell you that due to the 720p, 480p and 1080p quality movies on this website, it is very easy for people to download the movie. Because for those people who like to watch and download high-quality movies, most of the people use this website, ever you should avoid using any illegal website by looking at the quality of movies and their quality. so that you can keep your important data safe and avoid breaking the law

If a movie is uploaded on a website providing pirated content while it does not have any rights to upload that movie, when the makers of the movie come to know about it, then with the help of the government against the website Action is taken due to which the domain is blocked as a result of violating the law. If any user tries to download movie using this type of website, then he is violating the law, due to which such user can be banned. Government can also take true action against

Moviemad alternate website

Moviemad is not the only website that provides pirated movies but there are many more similar websites like Khatrimaza, MKVcinemas, 9X Movie, Tamilyogi, Tamilrockers, HDmoviehub, 300mb movies, iboma, we are sharing this information with you. Sharing so that you can get information about these websites in advance and never try to download the movie using these websites in future, you can protect your privacy and help prevent piracy. as well as avoid breaking the law

At present, there are many such domains of this website which have been blocked, but the users who already use this website to download movies, also try to download the movie using that link, but When you try to access the website through the link, the link does not open, which is because it has been blocked by the government for violating the Copyright Act, but in spite of this, this website repeatedly uploads its content. Tries to revive.And appears on the internet with a new domain every time that’s why you always need to be alert from this type of website.

Moviemad Legal Alternative Website

MX Player – This is a platform that gives a chance to watch many types of TV serials web series and movies etc. for free using which new and old movies can be watched it is completely safe and a legal platform

Youtube – In today’s time, YouTube is one of the best video platforms using which movies, TV serials and web series etc. can be watched, it is also legally correct and follows the law, using it, you can watch new and old movies.

disney+hotstar – If you are fond of watching new movies and looking for a legal platform then you can enjoy a lot of new movies using Disney Star

Voot – Voot is a platform that gives you the opportunity to watch movies, TV serials, web series for free and premium subscription, where you can watch new movies and web series by paying a minimum charge. This is a great legal platform to watch videos.

popcornflix – People who love to watch tamil telugu and hindi dubbed movies can very easily watch or download tamil and telugu movies legally using this platform popcornflix

Netflix – The Netflix platform allows you to watch and download a wide variety of new web series and new movies as well as movies in different languages. With its subscription, you can easily watch or download movies throughout the month.

Zee5 – zee5 platform is also a legal and best platform to watch new web series and movies using which you can easily watch new movie and tv serials and web series for free and with subcreption

moviemad link

moviemad website is pirated website and it provides pirated content illegally on its website and also provide option to download movies most of the people try to access this website many work people continuously to find moviemad website link Keep trying, there are many such links of this website which do not work at present, here are some links of this website which are blocked and cannot be accessed – moviemad guru, moviemad store, moviemad in 2021, moviemad tech, moviemad ch, moviemad today, moviemad fan

Disclaimer – We want to alert our viewers through this article and suggest them to never use any kind of website that provides pirated content, we strongly oppose piracy. And all the viewers are requested that, after getting information about these websites, avoid using them anytime in future, no link has been given inside this article to any such website which is copyrighted in any way violates the rules and promotes piracy, we request all the readers to help stop piracy and follow the law. Thank you.

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Is it safe to download movies from Moviemad?

Because it is a torrent website, it is not safe to use this website, it may contain harmful viruses, due to which it can harm the user’s personal data, so it is not safe.

what is moviemad?

Moviemad is a torrent website which is illegal and provides an option to download the movie by piracy in an illegal way. Any user should not try to download the movie using this website, for this the user may be subject to penalty.

What is the legal alternative website of MovieMad?

There are many legal alternative platforms of Moviemad website available using which you can watch any movie, TV serial and web series etc. These include YouTube, Zee5, Voot, MX Player, Disney Plus Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix etc.

Should I use the MovieMad website?

No, you should never use this type of website or it is harmful only in terms of security, but also illegal in terms of law and can harm the user’s security and personal data, so you should not use it.

MovieMad Website Link

There are many such domain links of the Moviemad website which are currently blocked by the government, the main reason for their blocking is the violation of the Copyright Act, so whenever the user tries to open the link of this website, it can’t access


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