Peanut Butter business: How to start a 365 day business?

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business ideas: If you want a daily profit of ₹ 10000, then you can start a 365 day running business called Peanut Butter business with the help of two machines.

Friends, if you want to start a new business, then you can start this 365 day running business very easily with the help of just two machines. The best thing is that the product prepared by this machine is in demand in the market every day. Day by day, due to which business is becoming quite popular in today’s time, if you are thinking of starting a business at home, then you can start this business very easily.

365 day running business Peanut Butter business

Actually the thing is that if you want to start a business by investing once in which you can get good daily profit then you can start Peanut Butter business. If you do not have much cost to start this business then you can So you can also get loan from the government under small business.

Just as butter made from milk is used, in the same way peanut butter is also used, but butter made from peanuts is much more beneficial than milk, due to which people consume it. like more

How to start Peanut Butter business?

To start a peanut butter making business, generally two machines are required, peanut butter making machine and manual induction sealing machine. If you install these two machines at your home, then with its help you can start this business with other raw materials. can start quite easily

If you want to get a profit of lakhs in a month, then you can start the business of making peanut butter. The demand for peanut butter is very high not only in the country but also in foreign countries, due to which it is becoming quite popular. This is also a great opportunity for those starting a low investment business.

Raw material for making peanut butter

If you want to start the business of making peanut butter, then before starting the business, you should know well about the raw materials used in making peas. In other words, for the business of making peanut butter. Mainly peanuts are used as raw material along with other ingredients like sugar, salt and vegetable oil.

Once you start the business of making peanut butter, after the butter is ready, you also need to pack it. The way butter available in the market is packed, peanut butter is packed in the same way. Can also be packed with the help of plastic and aluminum foil

Cost and Profit in Peanut Butter Business

By now you must have understood well about the necessary machines used in starting a peanut butter business and also about the raw materials used in it. To start, one should also take a look at the cost and profit per kg.

If we talk about the expenditure on machines for peanut butter business, then you may have to invest 35 to ₹ 40000 in it. Along with this, if we talk about the ingredients used in it, then the most expensive ingredient which is Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, its price is around ₹ is around 400 liters

To start Peanut Butter business and to make Peanut Butter, all the essential ingredients like peanuts, salt and sugar can be obtained easily and at low cost.

Let us tell you that if you are worried about the profit in peanut butter business, then the cost of peanut butter is very low which comes to around Rs 150 and if we talk about it in the market, then it ranges between Rs 250 to Rs 500. According to this, you can estimate yourself how much profit you can get on 1 kg peanut butter.

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