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How to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working | Spotify web player not working 100% Fix

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If Spotify web player is not working then this article is absolutely for you because in today’s article we will know about it in detail and understand many more things specifically about Spotify web player so let’s start And know what is Spotify web player, what are the things available on Spotify web player and if any kind of problem occurs in Spotify web player i.e. Spotify web player is not working then how to fix it If you follow the step by step given article here, then you can very easily fix Spotify web player again.

Before you can fix the Spotify web player again, you have to understand what is Spotify web player and how it works and what is the reason why the Spotify player is not working normally it is very simple some mistakes are often made by the user due to not understanding it properly, if you understand it well then you can use it well as well as if there is any problem in this player. so you can fix it.

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what is Spotify web player

Spotify Web Player provides you with many features, you can log in very easily because there are many options available to log in this Spotify Web Player, you can log in to Spotify Web Player through your Google account, or Then if you want, you can also login to Spotify web player through your Facebook account, as soon as you log in to this Spotify web player, in the same way, you get the option to download, you can also download Spotify web player PC and If you have a mobile then you can also download Spotify Web Player Mobile.

Spotify web player is very easy to use because if you do not want to download this player, you can access it from your PC without downloading, in most applications you need to download the application to listen to the song. But this feature of this application makes it even more special, you can listen to songs on it without downloading the application.

If we talk about the language support of the Spotify web player, then here you get different languages ​​in which you can get Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Bangla, German, Greek, Spanish, Filipino, French, Canadian French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Canadian, Korean, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Dutch, Oriya, Punjabi, Polish, Brazilian, Portuguese, European Portuguese, Romanian, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Urdu, Zulu, and many more languages ​​are available Which you can choose according to your preference.

Using Spotify web player you can not only enjoy free songs but if you subscribe to its premium version then you can get more great songs of your choice here. Not only that but on this web player, you can also enjoy Audio, as well as video songs, which are also available for which you do not need to download the application, you can access it and enjoy the songs by just logging in with your email id or Facebook.

You also get to see a lot of great features on the Spotify web player, if you want to create a library of songs of your choice, then you can create your favorite library here or if you want to create a playlist of different songs, then here you can also create playlists and the best part is that if you like any song and you like it, then a list of liked songs is generated which you can listen to again.

How to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working

Usually, whenever you create your Spotify web player account, there is no problem here, if you are seeing any problem then it may be a problem with your browser, which you can easily identify. If your Spotify web player is not working then it is very easy to fix, if you pay attention to all these points and check them one by one properly. If you do, you can fix your Spotify web player, so that it will start playing again and you will be able to enjoy all types of video and audio songs.

Disable the Ad-Blocker in Your Web Browser

If you do not like to watch or listen to any kind of ad while watching any video, because of which you have enabled an adblocker extension in your Chrome browser, then it can also block your Spotify web player from running properly. If your media player is not working properly, you can find this out by disabling your Adblocker extension. If the adblocker is causing any kind of problem in playback, if after turning it off your problem goes away then this method can prove to be better for you If you want to disable the Google Chrome browser adblocker then follow the following steps can follow.

  • To disable Google Adblocker, you have to click on Extensions and select the Manage option.
  • After that find the adblocker that you have enabled
  • If your adblocker extension is visible above then you can disable it by direct clicking here
  • After which your Spotify web player will start working properly

Use Incognito Mode in Your Chrome Web Browser

If you can’t use the Spotify web player, there’s another option for you to use an incognito window, because when you open a variety of websites on your browser, this browser Creates various types of cache files, as well as has a variety of browsing history, can interfere with your Spotify media player, except that you may not always want to run this player in an incognito window, but Still you can easily find the problem.

  • To use the chrome incognito window click on 3dot in the right side corner and select not incognito window from here
  • then open Spotify web player here
  • If you are using a browser other than Chrome then you will see the option of New Private Window
  • from where you can open an incognito window
  • After this, you can find out whether it is working properly or not by opening the Spotify web player here.

Clear Your Web Browser’s Cache Fix Spotify web player

Sometimes the browser can also cause problems with Spotify Web Player due to this, due to which it can stop working properly. Whenever you use your web browser, the pages you open To increase the speed of those pages, the browser stores the cache file, due to which all these files are lying in the browser itself, in such a situation it can cause problems in your Spotify web player.

Spotify web player is not working then you can also follow the process of deleting the browser cache to fix it again, after which your Spotify web player will start working properly, for information, tell me when you start the process of clearing the cache, then your saved password is not deleted in this process.

Follow this procedure to clear browser cache

  • To delete the browser cache, click on the 3dot given in the top right corner and select the option of history.
  • If you want, you can also go to the browser history by using Control + H
  • After this select the option of delete history and here you can save browsing history and delete only custom images and files.
  • Otherwise, you can also choose the option of browsing history, cookies, and data, here you have to pay special attention to one thing while applying the trick on all these options, do not accidentally trick on the option of password otherwise, your password can also be deleted.

Follow this procedure to clear how history in firefox browser

  • If you are using Spotify web player in the firefox browser and here you want to clear your cache file
  • Select Menu in the top right corner of Firefox and select the History option
  • Clear Recent History Select the option
  • Even here, if you want to clear only the cache file, then you just apply the trick on the cache file and untick everyone.
  • Then click on the OK button and delete the case file
  • After this, the problem with your Spotify web player may be fixed

clear the cache in Microsoft EDGE

  • To clear the Microsoft EDGE Cache file, go to Settings and select the History option.
  • Here, if you want to clear the cache file all the time, then select the option of all time otherwise let it remain as normal.
  • Select the Cache Images and Files option and leave all other options unchecked
  • Click on the clear now button given below after which the case file will be cleared
  • After that, if you want, you can try running your Spotify web player, maybe your problem will be over

Choose the Correct Playback Device in Spotify

Spotify web player is not working then you also have other options to fix it because it is one such web media player which also provides you the option to manually select the device to play your favorite music. First, you need to make sure that the Spotify player you have set up to play back music is working properly If it is not working properly then you can check by replacing the device After which your media player will start working properly, for this you can choose this option.

  • When you open your Spotify web player, the option to connect to a device appears at the bottom, select it
  • Note that this option will appear only when you play any song after that in the playback device list you will see the option to select web browser select it
  • After this, the music played by Spotify will start playing in your web browser If there is really a problem with your browser and it is not working properly then this problem will be fixed

Enable Playback of Protected Content in Your Web Browser

Sometimes a problem appears in the Spotify web player which is a very common problem when your web player does not work properly then this message appears which should point you to this and try to tell you does need to enable playback of protected content. If you fix this issue your problem will be fixed in minutes. For this, you will have to do a little change in your browser’s settings. To solve this problem in the Google Chrome browser, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, go to the settings of Chrome and select the option of content
  • After this, you have to choose the option of additional content settings, along with this you will have to choose the protected content ID
  • After selecting these two options your browser will activate to play protected content options and you will be able to fix your problem in the right way

use a different browser

If you have tried all the above methods yet your Spotify web player is not working then it means that your browser is not capable of this then you should use another browser and it If you are using google chrome browser then you should try it once on firefox browser if you are using firefox. In such a situation, you should also try the Microsoft browser, otherwise, you can also check any other browser or reset your browser, after which there is a possibility that your player will start working properly.

Troubleshoot Spotify Media Player Problems on Your Computer

However, it may also happen that your browser is not fully responsible for this if your system is too old or you have not reset it for a long time, due to which many cache files have been created in it. In such a situation, you should consider reducing the disk cache file of your computer, for which you can delete the internal cache file of the computer, it is more likely that if you do this then your Spotify will work properly started doing.

Flush the DNS Cache fix Spotify

You will have to carefully follow all the steps below to flush your computer’s DNS cache file, as Spotify uses the sites and DNS opened in your browser, which means that the DNS cache In this case you need to clear all those problematic cache files to fix your site related issues.

  • If you are using a windows pc then first you have to go to your windows menu
  • Here you have to type cmd and in the search results you will see the option of command Prompt which has to be opened
  • After opening, you have to type ipcconfig/flashguns
  • After this, you have to press enter button and your DNS cache file will be completely cleaned

Use an alternative Spotify Device

If you love listening to music on Spotify and after doing all these procedures, you feel that your Spotify player is not working properly and you are having more trouble accessing music, then you can use your smartphone or Then you can also use your tablet because this Spotify mobile app you can also access all those libraries and listen to your favorite music

You must have liked the information given here to fix the Spotify web media player not working and hope that all your problems are completely resolved Thanks


What is Spotify and how does it work?

Spotify is a kind of media player that allows you to listen to audio and video music that you can listen to without any player or download software as well as install it on your mobile device.

Is Spotify music really free?

Listening to music on Spotify is free, but there are also some premium songs available here, which you have to take a subscription to listen, that is, it also needs to be upgraded, you can also upgrade it according to your need.

How to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working?

If your Spotify media player is not working, then here are some tips that you can try in the right way and fix your Spotify media player again

How do I use Spotify?

Spotify is very easy to use, for this you can use your mobile phone or PC, to use it, you have to create your ID through your Gmail ID or Facebook ID, after which you can download your favorite song. You can listen or even listen to it in different languages, this total is available in 62 languages

Why can't I play Spotify offline?

If you want to listen offline songs on Spotify media player then for this you have to first download all those playlists and after downloading you will see this playlist in green color which means you can listen this playlist offline also After that, even if there is no internet in your mobile or there is no Wi-Fi connection, you can still listen to the song very easily by using it.

How do I download music from Spotify for free?

To download free music on Spotify, you have to first download its application on your computer or mobile and open it, after opening you have to copy the url which will be of playlist of all songs and it will be called All to MP3 bar. After which you can download Spotify Music even without premium account

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