Now PIN and internet are Not needed to make UPI lite payment, you can make payment like this

UPI Lite: UPI payment is used more in the country because it is safe and how it does not have a hassle but you need to put a pin to make UPI payment. Today we will tell you some ways that By using you can make UPI payment without PIN

Actually, to do UPI payment, you need to put a pin after using any of your payment apps and after scanning it, after this you are able to pay, but now you can make UPI payment without using UPI PIN. Because the government has now made this facility even easier according to which you do not need to enter the PIN to pay

UPI Lite has been launched by the government to make UPI payment facility even easier, you can make a payment of up to ₹ 200 very easily by taking advantage of this facility of UPI, let us tell you UPI Detailed about the light and know what is UPI light

What is UPI Lite?

UPI Lite is a payment facility that is connected in the UPI payment app. It acts like a gales in a way. If you use this feature, then you do not require internet and PIN, yes, yes. You heard absolutely right, you do not even need internet, that is, you can easily pay offline using it

Using on device wallet you can make offline payment to anyone and the biggest special thing about this facility is that you do not even need to enter PIN

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In general if you want to make UPI payment, then you need to enter a PIN, but through this facility you just have to add money through your bank account in your on-device wallet and whenever If you want to pay someone, then you can make offline payment without internet

Although you will also get some limitations in it because if you use UPI light, then you get the option to pay only up to ₹ 200, but if you want to keep balance in your wallet then ₹ 2000 for it There is a facility to keep balance, which you can use while paying

Add the balance in this way

  • To add balance, you will need internet
  • After this you have to open your UPI payment app
  • After this, you have to add money using your bank account

What is the advantage of UPI Lite?

Digital payment is used in many traders at the present time, so the user needs internet to make UPI payment as well as to pay a pin to pay every time but if a user UPI If it uses light, then it can make UPI payment very easily without internet and pinIf you want to add balance to the wallet, then you have a great option for this, whenever your wallet balance is over, then you also get the option of auto add balance if you enable it once. So whenever the balance of your wallet is over, the automatic will add money to your wallet

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