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How to rank on youtube search result 2022

Hello friends my name is Janvi Shankar Tiwari, and welcome to our on the blog Friends, as you read in the title, How to rank video on YouTube search result | So friends here if we want views and watch time on youtube channel.

Channel in YouTube search result It is very necessary that the channel should be included in the search result should come But there are some settings for this. Like customization, keyword, tags, water mark, banner image, logo, returning subscriber, and channel trailer | about which we will know in today’s article, so let’s know friends. how to rank video in YouTube search result |

Friends when this question comes in your mind, that How to create a youtube channel | So you create your youtube channel, but your channel does not appear in the search result. To bring youtube channel in search results. The most important thing is to Customization your channel.

If you customize your channel properly. And from then on if you look at its layout setting, branding setting and basic info as well. If you also insert the keywords correctly. So the chances of coming to number one in the ranking of your channel increases.

YouTube Channel Search youtube channel Customization

Show your channel in YouTube search result But many times we do not know that, we have to customize our channel. How to do it properly, so that our channel can come in the search result. So what you have to do here, when you have created your channel. And after creating,You open your channel, inside your browser. So here you have to go inside your YouTube studio. And friends when you go inside youtube studio. So here you will come on top of your main dashboard. And this is where you will slide if you go to the bottom side. So here the option of customization appears. So first of all let’s talk about the customization of the channel |

youtube channel search/youtube channel trailer

The first option that comes after clicking on YouTube search result setting customization. That is the channel trailer of your channel. If you create your channel, then you must definitely set the tailer of your channel. Because the trailer of your channel has a lot of impact for your subscriber. When anyone comes to your youtube channel for the first time. So this teller comes first in front of the subscriber,

Which shows the theme of your channel. What kind of content provider are you going to provide on your channel. And in this way the topic of your channel is well understood. And if he sees some interest in
your channel. So he subscribes to your channel, the benefit of this is that your subscribers also start increasing.

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YouTube search result The second option you can see is Featured video for returning subscribers. Friends, here this setting is for those people who have already subscribed to your channel. And when they come to your channel, what video should they see here. Here it is very important to set what you want to show those people new. After this, if we talk about the feature section,

So in this feature section you can list your videos. Or you can add your own playlist. Also, you can set the video you want to keep for your members here. And here you also see the option of Shot Video and Feature Channel below. If you use multiple channels, then here you can add your channel. So that along with your one channel, the other channel’s subscriber will be increased now.

YouTube search result How to rank video | Branding

YouTube search result Branding pattern is very important here, which reflects the brand of your YouTube channel. So that people get to know about a brand, people understand this only by looking at the people of your channel. That this channel is yours, and they are not mislead, and reach your channel directly.

So friends, after clicking here in the branding section. First of all you see the picture option. Where you have to set the logo of your channel. When you have set your channel logo here. So it is well visible above your channel |

How to rank YouTube video | Banner image

YouTube search result friends if you talk about banner | What is the banner image, this banner is the banner on your channel. This banner is to show that how the layout of your channel is visible. So friends, you must set a profesonal banner for this. should do |

Water mark

If we talk about video water mark above YouTube search result channel. Here you can see that the section of the video watermark is there. Here you can also put your subscriber button. So that if someone comes to your channel. sees your video, then from there he can also subscribe to your channel.

How to rank YouTube video fast Basic info

YouTube search result Basic info Friends, this is a very important part. To get your channel in search | If you want to get your channel in search. For this, you have the description of the channel inside the About section of your channel. Here you can discuss the topic of your channel, you can definitely discuss that topic here.

as well as the keyword of your channel. That is, the name of your channel must be put here. So that if anyone comes to your channel. And what is the keyword of your channel. If someone searches it in YouTube, then your channel comes there in the search result.

Rank video in YouTube search result Channel keyword

YouTube search result Friends, now our most important and next topic is. That is the keyword of our channel. Because if you do not set the keyword of your channel. So what is the keyword of your channel. If no one will know, what is the keyword of your channel. So how will your channel come in search result.

So what do you have to do when you go inside your YouTube studio? And here you see the option of setting when you click on the setting. So after clicking on the setting, after going to the option of the channel, |

Here the option of a keyword appears. Within its keyword, you will get the name of your channel. And at the same time
which is the category of your channel. The kind of content you are going to provide on your YouTube channel. You must insert here. So that even after searching for your channel or that keyword, the video of your channel is there. Those videos come in front of people, so that gradually your YouTube channel starts appearing in automatic search results. And along with the views and watch time on your videos, your subscribers also start increasing.


YouTube search result Friends, now here comes the most important thing, the category of your channel. You are making videos on your channel, and if this is not known of your channel. That in which category your channel comes, then YouTube to your channel. How will it be shown in front of people and how will it be found. What is the category of your channel.

How to rank video in YouTube search result

YouTube search result category Therefore you must set the category of your channel. If you make your video on any topic. Like if you make gaming. Or make a comedy. Or make educational or something else. So you must select the category of your channel here. And friends in this way when all these things are completed. So this completes our whole process, to bring your channel in search result |


YouTube search result description Friends, to bring the videos of your channel to the search result as soon as possible. Or to bring your channel in search. The description of your video is what you have. You should also put the keyword of your channel inside the description of your video. That is, the name of your channel must be entered.

as well as the tags you have. The name of your channel must also be entered here under the tags. So that if someone searches the name of your channel on YouTube. So your channel starts appearing there, YouTube channel comes in search |

How to rank video in YouTube search result | Ranking Tags

YouTube search result Friends, if we talk about the keywords of the channel. So how can we put ranking keywords on top of our channel. So it is the best option for that. You have to search rapidtags inside your Google search. And after searching, on whichever topic you want your tag. There you can add a keyword to it. And after that you will get many such ranking tags related to the same keyword.

Which you can use inside the keyword of your channel. So that your channel will start ranking very fast. Because whatever tags are there, these are all viral tags. And you can put these viral tags above the keyword of your channel. And at the same time you can also use it inside the tag of your video. You can get your video ranked. And you can bring YouTube channel in search.


So friends, in this way you can bring your channel to YouTube channel in search result. And quite easily you can get your video ranked on YouTube. Hope you liked this article, How to rank video in YouTube search result. If you like the information, then you can give us your opinion in the comment box. Also you can share this article with your friends as well. Thanks |

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