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Friends, today we are going to talk about such a website in which you get many types of Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Malayalam movies, and Hollywood, Bollywood as well as web series, as well as getting on this website. Talking about the video quality of movies and web series, TV serials etc. it is much better, most people use this website to download movies but this website is completely illegal.

This website named iBOMMA is very famous, due to which people download movies and web series using it, but due to the illegality of the website, many domains are blocked again and again, in simple words, use of this website. It is wrong to download or watch any type of movie, you should not do this. And as well as knowing what type of content is available on this website so let’s start and know what is iBOMMA?

iBOMMA New Telugu 2024 latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu movies 300 MB download free


ibomma is a website that provides you many types of movies in which Telugu movies, latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil and Malayalam movies are present as well as many types of ott platform web series are also available on this website which you can enjoy a lot. You can easily download but all types of content available on this website are pirated. If the user does such activity, then legal action can be taken against him and he may also have to pay a fine.

On the ibomma website, you will get many types of content available which are in very good quality but due to being pirated, they do not make any sense. Piracy means that in all countries this law has been made that if any person Without the permission of the filmmaker, by making a copy of his film and making it available in the public, action can be taken against him and this is the reason that many times this type of domain is blocked but still. They use different domains to keep their website alive and provide movies, although we advise you that you should never use this type of website, it is also for your privacy. can be harmful.

On the ibomma website, you get such a list of many types of movies that you can download in a very small size, that is, you will get the quality of the movies found here, but at the same time you will get a very small quantity here. If you want to download a movie in HD quality in the size of 300 MB, then you can easily download it.

There is a good collection of all the movies released in languages ​​like Hollywood Bollywood Telugu Tamil Malayalam etc. There are movies that are dubbed in different languages, if you want to download Hindi dubbed movies, then Hindi movies are also available here very easily.

iBOMMA 2024

Talking about the list of ibomma 2024 movies, here you will get a list of many latest movies released in 2024 which are available in different languages but as we have already told you that this website will Due to repeated blocking, many of its domains are still blocked, this website brings different types of domains and keeps its content alive.

If at present you would like to download the movie by visiting the ibomma website and if you go to this website using the old domain then many times you get to see the problem that you are not able to access this website, the main reason That is, this website is banned in India but if a user visits this website using a new domain then he can easily access it after which he can get the latest movies released in 2024 available on this website. and watch it online or download

Website Details

Movie typetelugu&tamil

iBOMMA 2024 Telugu Movies

ibomma is famous website for telugu movie which is known for recently released latest telugu movie download here you will get many types of latest telugu movies released in 2024 which you can download easily If you visit this website then you will first see the complete list of latest telugu movies as soon as you enter which is available in different quality when you click on the link of a movie and try to download it. So there you see different options which you can download as per your choice.

In general, if you go to any other website to download Tamil or Telugu movies, then there you have to make sure that in which language you want to download the movie, but the special thing about this website is that you have to download the movie here. But Telugu Movies Shows On Front Only Which You Can Download Easily

iBOMMA Telugu movies 2024 free download

On ibomma website you will get such a collection of telugu movies which you might not find anywhere else because popular for latest telugu movie or website provides you different types of telugu movies if you want to download action telugu movie then also you will get action telugu movie here, then if you want to download thriller telugu movie then you will also get thriller telugu movie as well as you will also get collection of action telugu movie, not only that but if If you want to download it in different parties such as 480p 720p 1080p 4K HD quality Full HD quality or Blu Ray 4K quality then you can easily download it.

Many such latest Telugu movies have been released in 2024, as soon as it is released, it has been leaked by ibomma, here you will find action movies of many famous actors which you can easily watch online or if you can watch it online. If you want to watch offline on your mobile or computer, then you have many options to download it, which you get in different quality and in different sizes.

iBOMMA Tamil movies 2024 free download

Tamil movies are full of action, due to which most people like to watch tamil movies, there are many such options to download tamil movies that you will find on many websites online but if you use this website. If you want to download tamil movie by using then you will get the complete collection of tamil movie, here you will get a list of such movies about which you can not even guess, if in other words, here you will find tamil The complete collection of movies is obtained.

ibomma tamil movie 2024 full collection you will get here in which you can easily get complete collection of recently released tamil movie and you can download it as per your choice in 720p 1080p 4K HD and Full HD can get in quality

Although we do not appreciate them because this website is completely provide pirated content and there is no value of these websites due to providing pirated content, so we recommend that you also visit this website anytime. Do not visit nor try to download movies using these websites because it can prove to be very harmful for you.

iBOMMA Malayalam movies 2024 free download

ibomma also provides you complete collection of malayalam movie if you want to download any latest released malayalam movie then you can get malayalam movie very easily by using this website because malayalam movie It is not so easy to download Hindi, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, but for Malayalam movies, if you are looking for a website that can provide you Malayalam movies, then this website will give you Malayalam movies. Provides complete collection of movies in which you get different quality and different size

The ibomma website gives you a full chance to download the latest Malayalam movie 2024 from where you can download the latest Malayalam movie. Malayalam Movies are available in HD quality which can be found in the name of 480p Malayalam Movies 780p Malayalam Movies and 1080p Malayalam Movies as well as 4K Malayalam Movies and Blue Ray HD Malayalam Movies

iBOMMA Hindi movies 2024 free download

If you are fond of Hindi movies, then the complete collection of Hindi movies is also available here, although it is much easier to download Hindi movies, but if you want to download Hindi movies 2024 using this website, then here you have to. Hindi movies are also available in 2024, many such latest Hindi movies have been released that people use different websites to download but if you use this website and here you want to get Hindi movies. If so, this website can also be used to download the latest Hindi movie.

Hindi movie is given most importance in different states of India and most of the people like to watch Hindi movie, on this website you will get complete collection of Hindi movie which will be of latest released movies.

If you want to download ibomma Hindi Movie 2024 then this option can be very good for you because for this you do not need to use different website, you can also download Hindi movie very easily by using this website only. Here you get the option to download Hindi Movie 720p Hindi Movie 480p and Hindi Movie HD Quality Hindi Movie 1080p and Hindi Movie MKV as well as Hindi Movie 4K by downloading which you can easily watch offline. can do

iBomma blocked domain list 2024

If you have been using the ibomma website for a long time, then you must have seen many times that when you try to visit this website, you face many types of problems and this domain is not open. It is that this website has been banned in the country, due to which many of its domains have been blocked, here is a list of some domains that you can see and understand which domains of this website. which are banned in the country


Some time ago today iBomma.com domain was working properly and using this domain many times people used to download Hollywood, Bollywood and Hindi movies as well as use this website to download Tamil movies as well. But currently this domain is blocked so this domain cannot be accessed normally


Many times the ibomma website has been blocked due to non-compliance with the rules and regulations, the blocked domain includes this ibomma.in domain, if you try to access this domain, this domain will not open because it The website provides pirated content to people for a long time and it is completely illegal to promote piracy or watch pirated movies, that’s why this domain has also been blocked.


After the blocking of domains like ibomma.com and ibomma.net, this website brought this domain of ibomma.in to keep its content alive but after some time this domain also stopped working because this domain also did any Did not follow any type of policy, so if you currently try to access this domain, you will also not see the option to access it normally


As we have already told that promoting any kind of piracy and spreading piracy is a legal offense but this website repeatedly provides pirated content due to which many of its domains get blocked. I accessed this domain after other domains were blocked but after some time this domain also stopped working because it is also blocked and if you are currently accessing it (iBomma.org) If you want, you can not access it.

Ibomma Domain List

  • Kio.ibooma.games
  • Tel.ibomma.nexus
  • ibomma.net
  • ibomma.com
  • Ibomma.best
  • tube.ibomma.pw
  • ibomma.com.in

type of movies are available in ibomma

Although there is a collection of many types of movies available on the ibomma site, in which you get many content like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, web series etc. But if we talk about the present time, then its old domain can be found. After being blocked, there have been many changes in it, due to which if you go to this website, you will be able to see that you will not get to see many different categories here, normally on this website you will be released in the latest.

Some movies will be available to watch, similarly if you scroll down a bit, then you will also get to see web series here which have been released in the latest, as well as you have the option to watch foreign dub movies. As well as on this website you will also get a section of add ons where you will get to watch many types of movies.

For your information, let us tell you that all types of content available on this website are pirated content which does not follow the law in any form, that is why you should also avoid visiting this type of website and any other person using this website. Do not download any movie or web series

latest movies leaked by ibomma 2024

Many types of latest movies released in 2024 are available on the ibomma website, which gets linked on the next day of release or only after 24 hours, here is a list of different cuts where you can watch. By doing this, you can understand which movie has been leaked in 2024 on this website.

Bollywood movie list

If you want to download Bollywood movie using ibomma website, then for your information, let us tell you that at present any type of Bollywood movie is not present on this website, if you go to the search of this website and type Bollywood movie. And then search for it, then here you will not find any type of Bollywood movie, which simply means that there is no type of Bollywood movie available on this website.

Telugu movie list

  • Dear
  • Lineman
  • Tillu Square
  • The Family Star
  • Bhimaa
  • Thika Thanda
  • Siren
  • My Dear Donga
  • Gem
  • Poratam
  • Rama Ayodhya
  • Madura Veera
  • Dry Day
  • Amar Singh Chamkia
  • Om Bheem Bush
  • Yatra 2
  • Premalu
  • Gaami
  • Sharma And Ambani
  • \Kajal Karthika
  • Family Aaj Kal
  • Adhrushyam
  • Rebel
  • Chaari 111
  • Tantra
  • Inspector Rishi
  • Maharani 3

Add ons

  • Rangu
  • Odiyan
  • Takkar
  • ChakraViuham: The Trap
  • Arthamainda Arun Kumar
  • Good Night

ibomma alternative

ibomma is not the only website that gives an opportunity to watch telugu movies, but there are many other alternative examples that are suitable for you to watch telugu movies. Here are some such lists in which the names of such sites are All the websites which are given provide an opportunity to watch and download telugu movies online by using all these websites one can watch or download telugu movies online

  • bolly2tolly
  • 9xmovies
  • Today Pk
  • Telugu Palaka
  • TheCineBay
  • Mzaloo

ibomma alternative legal website

ibomma is a website that provides you pirated content, all the latest telugu movies here are pirated and watching or downloading pirated movies is a punishable offense by law, that’s why if you want to watch telugu movies then You should use a legal website only. In today’s time, there are many such latest OTT platforms that give you the full opportunity to watch Tamil or Telugu movies, for this you can use platforms like voot, MX player, Netflix etc. Because this website is completely legal and also provide you a chance to watch Telugu or Tamil movies.


Tiwari Production Digital India understands the copyright law very well and is strictly against piracy. It does not support piracy in any way and requests its users to avoid any kind of pirated content on web sites. don’t use thank you

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Can we download movies from iBomma?

ibomma is a website providing pirated content, that’s why this website should not be used, most people use it to download HD Tamil movies, although it is not right to use it.

How to watch iBomma movies?

There is such an application of the ibomma website (ibomma: Movie Finder) which is available on the Play Store, if you download it from the Play Store, then after downloading you can find the movies you like and watch it online. can

Is iBomma site safe?

No this is not a secure website because if you have visited this website then you must have seen that the ads running on it are not user friendly in any way and being a third party website it is also right to use this website. No, secondly, this website does not follow copyright rules in any way, that’s why it is not safe, it can be harmful for you.

What is iBomma com?

ibomma.com is a website providing pirated content, all types of Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood and Bollywood movies are available on this website, this website should not be used to download any type of movie if you are watching pirated content. Or you can get punished if you are caught downloading

Can I watch IBomma in TV?

ibomma is android app which gives you option to search movie which you can easily access in your android mobile if you want to watch it in your tv then for this you have to download application and after install you can easily You can also play it on your TV

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